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a photograph of a university dorm room; a floral duvet sits on a bed covered by a fluffy white blanket, white fairy lights just above it; a desk chair sits at a desk with a macbook on a table, in front of a noticeboard full of photographs

I have been at university for exactly nine days, and, so far, they have been nine pretty amazing days; it’s been a pretty emotional roller coaster. Plenty of unnecessary tears, lots of laughing, far too much alcohol, and some serious flatmate-bonding (with the odd dose of over-sharing). Think I might be settling in to university quite well, actually.
I didn’t get my internet up until yesterday (apparently my gorgeous new MacBook Air wasn’t quite good enough for my university’s special network requirements, and I had to order a cable for it – something I should have added to my ‘What to Take to University’ Checklist), so I’ve felt a little disconnected from the blog, though.a noticeboard full of photographs sits above a desk with a macbook and some post-it notes on it

I was the first in my flat of eight to catch ‘Fresher’s Flu’, which I have ungraciously passed on to at least three other people, but we’ve all soldiered on quite well, considering; the fact that I’ve made my way through an entire pack of Lemsip tablets in about three days probably helps matters.

fairy lights in the shape of flowers are alight

The above pictures are all from my new room – unsurprisingly, the fairy lights were the first thing to be unpacked. One of my noticeboards is already packed with photos from home. Call it my one tip for settling in to university.
I’m dreading the first wave of homesickness, which hasn’t quite hit me yet. My mother’s visiting next weekend, though, so it’ll probably be pure devastation when she leaves. Who knows?

I hope everyone else who made the move this year is settling in to university as well as I am, and that you’re not too homesick. It’s not always easy, but it’s really just the luck of the draw. I know so many people who haven’t truly felt like they’re settling in to university life until they’ve met people on their course, or had friends from home visit. You don’t have to feel ‘settled’ right away.

To everyone who’s ‘been there, done that’ – how did you cope with homesickness when you first left home? How did you cope with Fresher’s Flu? And, most importantly, how on earth did you keep yourself awake during lectures after a serious night out?

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