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Broken iPhone screen looking for Alaska by John Green

This week’s had its ups and downs, like most; my first university fire drill seemed like a pretty interesting start to the week, up until the moment I dropped my iPhone (as I’m sure you can tell from the picture, I’m in need of a new screen – can anyone recommend a drop-in repair place in either Canterbury or London?); I finally finished ‘One Day’, which I had a love/hate relationship with, and started ‘Looking for Alaska’, which, so far, isn’t quite living up to the expectations I’d had for it.

a desk full of brainstorms, notes, and post-it notes alongside a few pens

After spending far too much time studying this week (working at university, who’d have thought?), it soon picked up as my flatmates and I shared our first ever joint tequila night on Friday, shots downed whilst reminiscing over Dib Dab lollies and listening to some old-school R’n’B – No Scrubs, anyone?

four Domino's Pizza boxes and four tubs of ben and jerry's on a tabletwo open Domino's Pizza boxes, revealing two vegetarian pizzas, and an open domino's pizza box full of potato wedges

By Sunday, mass lethargy had, of course, kicked in, and following a disgruntled search through my flatmates’ veggie student cookbook and some serious drooling over Domino’s menu, we caved in and had a serious girls’ night in, two huge pizzas between the three of us, and four tubs of Ben & Jerry’s – some of which are still calling to me from my freezer as I type, a serious test of willpower!

Domino's dessert waffles in their delivery boxfrancesca sophia pulling a face at her desk in a university dorm room

The sad thing is, I hadn’t even had anything to drink when that last photo was taken – I am just genuinely that naturally unphotogenic!
What’s your guilty pleasure when you’ve had ‘one of those weeks’? Food, like me? A good book? Tequila?

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