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christmas card with angel wings on francescasophia.co.uk  a selection of uk high street gift cards on francescasophia.co.uk
The inevitable Christmas ‘haul’ post; I do, typically, dig my heels in about this kind of thing, but I really enjoyed scanning through some of the Christmas posts (read: being nosey and peeking at other people’s presents) on my reading list, so I figured I’d get involved this year, and share a couple of my favourite gifts from the day.
a harry potter deathly hallows metal framework silver necklace from sawyer and scout
 Viktor & Rolf flowerbomb perfume packaging
So incredibly grateful for everything I was given this year, particularly the two presents pictured above – I had yet to see a Deathly Hallows necklace that I liked before stumbling across this piece online, and am now completely in love with at least 90% of the goodies Sawyer & Scout have to offer, and the Viktor & Rolf perfume is something I’ve been not-so-subtly hinting about since about mid-August, so I was incredibly lucky to receive both – and gift cards to justify my likely new year splurging were, of course, the cherry on top.
hot chocolate and marshmallows in front of the christmas tree

Anyway, I won’t bore you with too much photo-spam this holiday season (is that a sigh of relief I hear?),  but I hope you all had as lovely a Christmas as I did, however you spent it, and are recovering from serious food-hangovers as best you can.
What were your favourite (material) gifts, this season?

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