Tortilla Mexican Grill, London | Restaurant Review

tortilla mexican grill in westfield, london stratford

Tortilla is a  ‘California-Mexican’ restaurant which aims to ‘serve fresh cuisine, individually prepared to your taste, within a minute…all for about a fiver’. With seven branches in London, they’re quickly becoming one of the best known Mexican restaurant brands in the city – but is Tortilla Mexican Grill worth the hype?

a foil wrapped burrito from tortilla mexican grill in london westfieldan unwrapped burrito from westfield white city brand of tortilla

An afternoon wandering around the Stratford City Westfield on an empty stomach is enough to leave anyone desperately needing food. Not being much of a ‘fast food’ fan, my friend and I quickly found ourselves lured toward the promise of a fast and filling burrito, brimming full of fresh ingredients, and for a pretty affordable price. It smelled good, looked good, and made my stomach growl a little more than it was before. What’s to lose, eh?

a vegetarian burrito from tortilla london mexican grill, with two bites taken out of it
But what is the food like?

I settled on the vegetarian burrito. It was filled with Mexican rice, peppers, onions and cheese – super filling, absolutely delicious, and £4.95. They also offer fajitas, tacos, salads and the ‘naked burrito’ (all the fillings in a bowl instead of the tortilla), though. My friend also had some chips and guacamole, and I can confirm that I ended up stealing quite a few. They were good.
I hate anything oily (especially since trying to ‘eat cleaner‘ this year), so I was  worried about exactly how my low-priced burrito would be prepared, but the ingredients were fresh and the burrito was filled to the brim; they do it right there in front of you, so you can actually see what you’re about to eat.

There’s a growing list of branches of Tortilla Mexican Grill around the UK, so do pop in if you’re near. It’s not a fancy establishment, but it is delicious, and more budget-friendly than a lot of competitors.

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