Dancing Like We’re Made of Starlight | Outfit

a girl with ombre hair, francesca sophia, wearing an electric blue lace dress with an exposed back, and twirling in front of the camera
Dress: H&M
Necklace: Forever 21
My heating’s broken. Well, no, my boiler is broken. Which means no heating or hot water. A bit of a nightmare during Reading Week, when I’d planned to stay home for most of the week and do some serious work on my assignments. Keeping my fingers/arms/legs/eyes crossed that the emergency plumber makes it out to our house tomorrow morning, as I’d just managed to get over one bout of flu and now another’s sneaking up on me.
The joys of living in a student house, eh?In fact, just about the only thing which is making me feel any better right now is putting on some of my prettiest clothes and bopping along to Taylor Swift’s new album instead of getting work done.
I think this is one of the most amazing dresses I’ve ever owned. It was a complete impulse-buy for a night out last semester at university, and has since become a firm favourite in my wardrobe, even if the sheer lace does make it a little impractical.
Plus, spinning around in such a flowy skirt is very theraputic – perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather.If anyone feels like telling me their horror stories from shared student housing, they might make me feel a little better…

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