Loving Him Was Red | Outfit

girl with ombre hair, francesca sophia, wearing a burgundy oxblood lace shift dress with puffy bell sleeves, and a statement collar necklace
golden green nails on a hand with bangles in black and gold
Necklace: Forever 21
Dress: Dorothy Perkins
Bangles: Primark
Nails: Models Own Golden Green & Gold Finger

I just couldn’t post this outfit and not reference Taylor Swift’s new song, ‘Red’, which I have pretty much had on repeat since its release just under a week ago, in the title. I’d apologise, but it wouldn’t be very genuine, I’m a Swiftie through and through.

I absolutely adored this dress, from the moment I laid eyes on it; the perfect autumnal shade, intricate lace, billowing sleeves, and not so short that I need an extra slip or bodycon skirt underneath…but it does pose a rather sizable problem (and I’m not just talking about the fact that I somehow dropped a dress size since I bought it) – the sleeves.
As I’m sure you can see in the two different pictures above, the sleeves, when let out to their full length, stop short just shy of my wrists, and they’re huge. I’m pretty sure there’s enough excess fabric in these bad boys to form a whole new dress. My solution? Safety pins. Pinning the ends of the sleeves back into the lining of the dress is the only way to make them bearable (and also makes me feel a lot handier than I actually am).

This nail combination is pretty much my current favourite look for A/W, as it seems to suit most of the colour palettes I have going on for the season so far, and, in case I haven’t made it obvious enough, I’m a total sucker for gold…well, everything. Can you blame me?

What’s your song of the moment? Do you have one of ‘those’ dresses – that can’t be worn in public without serious help?

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