Last Minute Stocking Fillers | Christmas Gift Ideas 2012

 This is part of my 2012 holiday gift guide, which will focus on slightly ‘different’ gifts for your loved ones; they’re being posted all this week, so keep an eye out for them, or check the current selection here.
teapigs tea in a carton, korres hand lotion in its tube, bliss body butter in its tube, and a selection of teddy bear rings in their packaging, all on a bedspread

I find myself in the same position, every year; having finally wrapped up my various gifts for loved ones, exchanged presents with all the nearest and dearest that I won’t be seeing for ‘the big day’, it hits me, late at night, usually around the 22nd or 23rd of December…I’ve forgotten about the stocking!
Cue the mad dash around London at the eleventh hour, clutching desperately at anything ‘cute’ or ‘quirky’ – trinkets and in-jokes that will be the root of a smile, come Christmas morning. Of course, this last-minute madness often means I end up desperate, willing to spend any amount on presents that will fill that dreaded stocking (and knowing my luck, it’ll always be for someone who’s chosen an extra-roomy one this year); so I figured, to save you all finding yourselves in the same position, if you’re as unorganized as me in this department, I’d share some of my favourite ‘go-to’ stocking fillers, cheep and cheerful and bound to please.

a red and a yellow candy bear ring in their packaging, and one green candy bear ring not in its packaginga green candy bear finger friends oversized green teddy bear ring being worn
Candy Bear Finger Friends, 55p, Cybercandy (*)
How adorable are these little candy bear rings? I’ve been snapping them up for absolutely everyone, this year, they always seem to get a laugh (it even prompted a bit of a trade between a certain group of friends for their favourite flavours!), and even my mother couldn’t resist trying one on!
teapigs chocolate flake tea bags in tits packaging
Teapigs Chocolate Flake tea sample pack, £1.19, Teapigs
Teapigs’ sample packs are one of my favourite ‘stocking fillers’ to give anyone – most of my friends are fans of tea but even those that aren’t can’t quite resist the lure of calorie-free chocolate! So there’s a flavour to suit everyone. They’re readily available at the Teapigs website, but if you’re in a last-minute rush then they’re well-stocked in most Whole Foods Markets, Fenwicks, Selfridges and even Debenhams.
korres hand lotion and bliss body butter tubes sitting in a glossy box
Beauty box samples, various sources
It’s only recently that I’ve unsubscribed from the Glossybox service (a monthly expense I just can’t justify, any more), as I have a stack of unused beauty products filling various drawers and storage boxes under my bed; products which are lovely, and from well-known brands, but just not suited to my needs – and as cheeky as it might sound, sometime they really can make an ideal gift – and for no extra cost!

Will you be joining me on the mad, last-minute hunt for stocking fillers, or are you all sorted, ready to sit back and enjoy the festivities?
How do you feel about recycling beauty box samples?

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