Dust on Every Page | Outfit

Necklace: Tom Binns x Disney Couture
Skirt: H&M

Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.
Boots: New Look

Am I the only one who’s struck, once in a while, with a gripping urge to go a little…dark?
I’ll wake up, greeted by grey skies and bitter winds, and instinctually reach for matching shades in the depths of my wardrobe.
like to think of it as a nod to my inner rebel; growing up with parents
who loathed my dressing in anything ‘too dark’, I find myself craving
murky palettes, especially in the height of winter.

I have to
admit, though, this outfit is, to me, all about the jewellery; part of
the Tom Binns x Disney Couture collection for the release of Tim
Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, this necklace is one of my favourites, and my fairly commonplace Tiffany & Co. bracelet was a
present for my 18th birthday a few years ago, so any excuse to wear it
suits me just fine.

‘Christmas break’ from university feels like it’s ending much too soon,
and I’m already making plans to move myself back to Kent in a weeks’
time – between family-filled dinners, catching up with old friends, and
attempting to get a head start on one or two university assignments, I
don’t really feel as though I’ve had much time at off at all, and
sleeping for the next few weeks seems much more appealing than heading
back to lectures about child development and the social psychology of
groups (I’m a psychology student, if I hadn’t complained about it mentioned it enough).

Is anyone else feeling a little worn out, at the end of the Christmas season?
Have you settled back into your ‘real-life’ routine yet?

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