Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream | Review

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream in its packaging on an IKEA duvet

Having ‘problem skin’ (as I’ve mentioned) can be one of the most frustrating beauty complaints, and, no matter how careful or self-disciplined you might be with treating your skin, some medicated treatments and over-the-counter spot solutions can leave the skin dry, sensitive and – worst of all – scarred.
There’s nothing worse than having your skin finally start to clear up, and finding you’re left with a patchy, uneven skintone, which can sometimes require more concealer than your bad skin did in the first place, and this is the position I’ve found myself slowly easing into, lately.

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream with the lid open sitting on an IKEA duvet

Botanics ‘all bright’ hydrating night cream contains both hyaluronic acid and hibiscus to brighten and intensely moisturise your skin whilst you sleep, and, after reading one or two reviews of the range online (and seeing that Boots had the whole line of Botanics skin care on special offer!), I decided to grab myself a pot, in the hope it might tone down the angriness of my complexion, lately.

Botanics All Bright Hydrating Night Cream open in its pot, with the packaging behind it, on an IKEA duvet

‘All bright’ is a thick moisturiser (which smells gorgeous, I have to say), with a formula that feels more like a serum than a cream, once it’s been applied – not too heavy, but you can definitely feel it working once it’s on, and I did notice a slight tingling sensation after a few minutes, which did make me wonder if it was going to be a little too harsh for my sensitive skin, although it wasn’t particularly unpleasant. The next morning, though, I have to admit, I was impressed. After just one application, my skin was noticeably less red, and didn’t feel dry or tight in the slightest, which was my main concern.
Having continued use for just over a week, now, I can confirm that I’ve noticed a pretty substantial difference in my skin tone, with patches that were once horrifically red being significantly calmer – whilst it’s not a miracle worker, and I do still have some pretty bad scarring, I do feel this moisturiser is very helpful in creating a more even base for my foundation to be applied to, and I am using less concealer. I’d really recommend the product to anyone who’s in a similar situation, complexion-wise, especially whilst the range is on special offer!

Botanics’ ‘all bright’ hydrating night cream usually retails for £4.99 but is currently on special offer for £3.49, and is available from most Boots stores, or on their website.

What’s your favourite skin-brightening product? Which products would you recommend for acne scarring?

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