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the wing of a thomson plane as it descends into kefaloniathe beach of katelios, kefalonia, greece, with a palm tree and several sun loungers

Occasionally, I do things that make my close friends wonder (out loud) whether or not I’ve completely lost my already-loose grip on reality. Group-calling them on Skype in the middle of packing up my university accommodation for the final time to enquire whether they felt like going on holiday with six days’ notice was one of these times.However, for reasons I can’t quite comprehend, my friends
love me enough to put up with my excessive acts of impulse, and last
Tuesday, five of us found ourselves on a flight to the Ionian island of
Kefalonia for a week of sun, sea, sand, cocktails, and my poor attempts
at remembering my Greek.

a view across the ocean from kefalonia on

We booked our trip last-minute through Thomson, and whilst the price was
pretty impressive for such a spur-of-the-moment trip, I’m afraid I
can’t much recommend the company as a whole – as those who follow me on
twitter may have seen, I experienced quite a few problems with them on
my return date  – and those were just the tip of the iceburg, unfortunately.

a picture of a girl with bright red hair lounging on a sun lounger, in a bikinia picture of a girl's very tanned legs as she lays on a towel by the pool in kefalonia, greece

Despite all the drama, however, it was an amazing trip, and I can’t recommend Kefalonia enough for a quiet girls’ trip; unlike some of the larger Greek islands, it’s not got much of a night club scene, but is perfect for cocktail bars, traditional Greek tavernas, plenty of gorgeous pools to lounge by, and a lovely beach.

two cocktails on a table moussaka, grilled fish, and bread, on a table

In fact, the gorgeous cocktails and traditional cuisine have inspired me to delve a little more into my heritage, and I’m going to be featuring some more Greek recipes on the blog in the near future – exciting!

What’s the most impulsive thing you’ve done, lately?

The holiday package we selected cost around £200 per person, including flights and transfers, through the Thomson website.

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