Lush 'Godiva' Shampoo Bar | Product Review

Despite having been a serious Lush fan for years, I’ll admit to being a little set in my ways; I have a few ‘tried and tested’ products that I swear by, but rarely ever branch out into anything new from their selection. Obviously, this self-deprivation couldn’t last forever, and it wasn’t long before I found myself browsing my local store for the product I’d been most curious about for the longest time; Lush shampoo bars.

Now, solid shampoos are not an area I have much expertise in, so when perusing the selection, I found myself going purely by smell, and ‘Godiva’, bursting full of jasmine, cocoa butter, and hibiscus extract, definitely beat the competition by miles. 

For anyone else who’s a bit of a newbie in the shampoo bar world, a quick how to: wet your hair as you usually would, then take the bar and rub it directly onto the scalp in a circular motion. This will provide the best lather, but if you’re sharing the product and worried about hygiene, you can also lather the bar up between your hands and massage into the hair. 
Personally,  my biggest concern when trying out a new hair product is how it will interact with my hair dye; will it fade it? Dry it out? 
In reality,  this bar did neither; whilst it did leave my hair squeaky clean, and I’ll admit it felt a little dry just after washing,  by the time it dried, it felt plenty soft, and my colour was just as intense as it always was. 
The real bonus, though? The smell. By some miracle, it manages to stay just as intense in the hair as it is in the store (you’ll have to go in and get a whiff to believe just how amazing it is ), and now the scent of jasmine follows me whenever I go!

The ‘Godiva’ shampoo bar is available from Lush stores for £6.50, or on the Lush online store, here.

Have you tried the Lush shampoo bars?
Do you ever get stuck in a rut with your favourite brands?

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