Mulberry Bow Continental Wallet [22nd Birthday] | New In

I was very lucky, this summer, in that my 22nd birthday and the date of my graduation fell pretty close together, so I got to celebrate with friends and family for about a month (!) as opposed to my normal week-long birthday celebrations.

Naturally, that meant I was spoiled rotten, a bit, and the first half of my birthday/graduation present (more on the second half soon, promise!) was something I’d been lusting after for years; a Mulberry wallet – and probably the most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen.

Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with wallets and bags, but the Mulberry ‘Bow Continental’ is so superior to any I’ve owned before. The leather is gorgeous, soft, and shiny, and…well, perfect. It also has space for 12 cards, which is a huge bonus for me (I think I might own every loyalty card that exists on the UK high street!), and it has two interior compartments, just in case you, unlike me, actually have cash to slip in there.

I have to admit, owning this little slice of Mulberry heaven has completely renewed my desire to own that infamous Bayswater – and I’ve been working twice as hard to up my savings since unwrapping this beauty.

The Mulberry ‘Bow Continental’ wallet in ‘Ballet Pink’ is available from Mulberry stockists nationwide, or online on the Mulberry website, for £295. 

What’s your ultimate designer wish?

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