Polar Fitness FT4 Heart Rate Monitor | Product Review

I’ve been on a bit of a ‘health kick‘ over the past few months; I’ve been stepping up my workout routine and getting back into clean eating in a bid to lose some post-birthday weight, and training for the Shine London half-marathon for the second year in a row.

However, anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a control freak, so when it comes to weight loss, intuitive eating just doesn’t cut it for me; I’m a calorie-counter, through and through…and that’s why, as exercise is slowly becoming such a big part of my life, estimating my calories burned just wasn’t cutting it any more, and I had to invest in a more precise way to check my progress; that’s where my new toy, the Polar Fitness FT4 Heart-Rate Monitor, came in.

For anyone who’s new to the world of heart-rate monitors, they generally consist of two parts; a chest strap, which you have to wear just above your waist (where your sports bra would end, when you’re in workout gear), and a watch that you use to monitor your heart rate whilst you’re working out. They register your heart rate, calories burned, and whether or not you’re in your fat-burning zone.   

I am absolutely in love with my FT4, I have to admit; I did have a slight problem with the original strap they sent me, but I emailed the company and they replaced it within about 3 days – so I really can’t complain. The strap stays in place during the most strenuous exercises (it even passed the dreaded burpee test!), so I can’t recommend it enough; if you’re a calorie-counter, or just very into your workouts and want to know if you’re imrpoving, the Polar FT4 is something I can’t recommend enough.

The Polar Fitness FT4 Heart Rate Monitor retails for £74.50 from the Polar Fitness website, here.
Mine is from eBay, here, however, and cost me £54.

What are your favourite fitness-related products? Do you use a HRM?

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