How I Got the Red Out of my Hair | Colour B4 Product Review & Before and After

Colour B4 hair colour remover review

I was a redhead for about a year, before the usual tell-tale signs of hair colour boredom started to show up; every day seemed like a bad hair day, I started pinning a thousand different hair colours and styles to my pinterest board (here), and spent about 10 minutes of every Boots trip gazing longingly at their selection of hair dyes. It was time for a change.
Naturally, I panicked: I’d struggled through a period of too-dark hair colours for a good few years, and anything that was going to cover the vibrant red my hair had been for 12 months was going to have to be pretty dark. I cringed at the thought of bleaching my whole head. Salons were not in my sales advisor budget. And then I came across Colour B4 Extra Strength in Boots.

The before and after; one application of Colour B4 Extra Strength.
Disclaimer: This is not the colour I left it, obviously.

Colour B4 doesn’t bleach the hair, but aims to take it back to the lightest colour it was pre-dye, by doing something complicated-sounding which involves shrinking the molecules of dye. I figured it was better than a) dying my hair black, or b) bleaching it all, so decided to give it a shot.

The application process is really simple: you mix the two solutions in the kit together and apply it all over the hair, then leave it to develop. It smells absolutely vile, I can’t lie – kind of rotten-egg-ish (and that’s not an exaggeration, I wish it was), so keep a window open. The only difficult part is the rinsing; the process involves rinsing the hair for 10 minutes continuously, then applying a ‘buffer’ (included), before rinsing for another 10 minutes. Needless to say, it’s not fun, but at least it gets the job done.
Having very light hair (read: natural ginger, right here), getting all that pigment out was never going to be easy, but I was very pleasantly surprised by Colour B4, and the product really did get me back to my pre-dye colour (as you can hopefully see above).

Colour B4 retails for £9.99, and is available from Boots stores, or on their website, here.

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