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I had an interview, yesterday. Let me set the scene; the kind of job I’ve been dreaming about in the two years since I left university (how has it been two years?!). Am interviewer who had bent over backwards to accomodate my schedule (I’d been finishing out my notice period for the job I’ve just left). I’d done my research. I’d come up with at least three interesting ideas for ways to move the company forward. The interview was only 20 minutes from my house, and I got there fifteen minutes early. It should’ve been perfect, right? Oh, so wrong.

a pink notebook with a gold heart and gold spiral binding lying on a bed, next to a panda pen; the words 'getting a job in social media' written in script across the picture in pink and white

My Top 5 Tips to Not Get the Job:
1. Get to your interview at least fifteen minutes early.

Don’t go inside, straight away, though. Stand outside and continue the furious text fight you’re having, just so you’ll look too scared to go in if anyone’s watching you on CCTV.

2. Research the role.
…and then promptly forget to mention all of the relevant information you have stored away. I worked with the company that was a template (and had the same co-founders) as the one I interviewed for yesterday, as a blogger. Did I mention that? Of course not. 

3. Be prepared for anything.
Except, you know, if your interviewer asks you about what your friends would say about you. Then you should probably freak out and say the first thing that comes to your mind. I referred to myself as ‘uptight’. I have never, ever, been accused of being uptight in my life. An hour before my interview, I was still sitting at home in my underwear. 

4. Ask intelligent questions. 
The highlight of my interview was definitely ‘well obviously I want to know if you’re going to give me the job?’ *awkward laughs on both sides of the terribly chic Shoreditch perspex table*. Did I ask something intelligent, about targets? What about my CV made him feel like I’d be a good fit for the brand? No, of course not. Don’t be silly.

5. Come with suggestions.
Is the company you’re interviewing for looking to grow? Branch out? Refine their customer-base? Reach out to influencers? You should have some ideas for how they could do that. No, don’t share them. Just keep them awkwardly in your head and seem as if you’ve thought of nothing. 

Suffice to say, I’m not expecting a call back. 

What’s the best interview tip you’ve ever had? And what’s the worst interview you’ve ever had?

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