NYX Lingerie Lipstick | Review & Swatches

NYX Lingerie Review and Swatches; lace detail, bedtime flirt, and exotic packaging

I think we all know by now, I am obsessed with a good matte lipstick. And, as anyone following me on my Instagram knows, I finally bragged that I’d found my new obsession in the form of a new shade from NYX. You’re welcome in advance.
The premise of the NYX ‘Lingerie’ lipsticks are that they’re all somewhere on the ‘nude’ colour scale (some shades are less ‘nude’ than others), and that they all have a super matte finish. There are twelve shades available in the range, and I’m quite convinced there’s something for everyone.

NYX Lingerie Review and Swatches; lace detail, bedtime flirt, and exotic swatches on an arm
I grabbed three shades from the range, after umming and ahhing over them all for about 3 days:
Hands down, my favourite shade of the three – it’s a ‘my lips, but better’ shade, for me, and the slight pink undertones add a subtle splash of colour. I’d go for this one if you’re quite pale and want a truly ‘nude’ lip.
If ‘Lace Detail’ is ‘my lips, but better’, then ‘Bedtime Flirt’ is ‘my lips, but browner’. It’s got a really warm cinnamon undertone to it, which is great for anyone who has a warm skin tone – I’d really recommend this shade for anyone who’s wanting to try incorporating something a little darker into their everyday lip kit.
This has fast replaced the red lip as my ‘going out’ look for ‘summer’ (as I write this, there’s a tiny monsoon happening outside my window). It’s a rich plum shade, perfect for a bold lip, and the one I mentioned over on Instagram a few weeks ago. Again, it’s got a slightly brown undertone to it, so it’s great for warmer skin tones.
NYX Lingerie Review and Swatches; lace detail, bedtime flirt, and exotic applicatiors pictured

Like most matte lip products, the NYX Lingerie lipsticks can leave your lips feeling a little dry, but it doesn’t, in my experience, do that hugely unflattering thing of clinging to any dry patches on your lips (I have more than I’d care to admit).As for the applicator, it’s a slightly ‘flatter’ version of the normal doe-foot applicator, and it actually makes evenly applying the colour without a brush about 100 times easier. I honestly love the formula and application so much, that I might just buy all the shades (slowly, of course, I’m not made of money).

The NYX Lingerie Lipsticks retail for £6.50, and can be bought from Boots online, here.

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