Quick & Easy Glitter Bowl | DIY

a gold glitter bowl sitting on a soft white blanket; text reads easy do it yourself glitter bowl

You know the feeling; it’s late at night (or, if you’re me, early in the morning), you’re lying in bed and should be sleeping, but instead, you’re browsing Pinterest. You come across one of those fun DIY graphics, and you think ‘ooh I could do that’. Then sleep hits, and – oh no! – you haven’t pinned the DIY. You search and search, and you just can’t spot it anywhere…but the creativity bug is raring to go, so you grab some supplies, and you give it a try, anyway.

a selection of supplies for a DIY glitter bowl, including matte mod podge, multicoloured balloons, a wide brush, a tub of gold glitter, and a silver foil takeaway tray

Anyway, this glitter bowl was one of these late-night discoveries, and I already had everything I needed to do it, at home (is it weird that I always have a stash of balloons for craft-related stuff?).
All you’ll need to give this a go is some Mod Podge, some medium balloons, a thick paint brush, and some chunky glitter. It’s optional, but I also use these silver takeaway containers to mix things in, whenever I’m crafting, because it makes clean-up a lot easier.

a silver foil take away tray filled with mod podge and gold glitter; unmixeda silver foil take away tray filled with mod podge and gold glitter; mixed

It’s a super simple process, from here; whip about two tablespoon’s worth (that’s a guess-timation, don’t go ruining your silverwear) of glue with about half the amount of glitter. Depending on the glitter you’re using, you might need to adjust this slightly, but the goal is to get the consistency like the photo above.

a red balloon blown up, sitting in a red bowl, with a tray of gold glitter and mod podge mixed, sitting next to ita red balloon blown up, sitting in a red bowl, covered partially in a mixture of gold glitter and mod podge

Once you’ve got the consistency right, you want to blow up your balloon to about the size you’d like your bowl to be, and then sit it in an old mixing or serving bowl to hold it still. Then you simply have to paint the balloon with your glue mixture; don’t worry too much about keeping it even the whole way round, it’s part of the charm of this DIY that it’s not quite even.

a DIY homemade gold glitter bowl sitting on a soft white blanket

Sit the balloon to one side to dry (preferably overnight), and when the glue’s gone completely clear, break out your nearest needle/safety pin and pop your balloon. 

And there you go! Your very own glittery balloon bowl. I recommend sitting it on your desk and filling it with sweets, because who doesn’t work better with a delicious incentive? 

Will you be giving this fun DIY a go? And what’s your favourite Pinterest-inspired project?

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