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What to Take to University | Free Printable List; a first class honours degree in psychology from the University of Kent

It’s that time of year; you’ve just got into university, and in the rush to say goodbye to all your friends, sort out accommodation, and plan your Freshers’ events, you’re pretty sure you’ve forgotten about twelve different things that you’re supposed to be packing to take to university with you.
Luckily for you, I’ve been there, done that, and got the foam-encrusted Freshers’ t-shirt to show it, and this is my new and improved, freshly updated, ‘What to Take to University’ checklist!

Everything below is organised into sections, and all the ones I’ve linked are available for free next day delivery if you want to take advantage of the free Amazon Prime for Students (which I’d 100% recommend because it saved my butt on many occasions).

the word bedroom written in gold

Making your bedroom comfortable and homely is one of the most important parts of the ‘big move’, so I’d definitely recommend a tonne of fairy lights, photographs, and trinkets, as well as the essentials:

  • Bedding – most universities will require you to bring your own duvet & pillows, as well as a duvet cover and blankets; here is the duvet that lasted me all three years at university, and here are the pillows. Don’t forget at least two duvets (you’ll be washing your own) – Tesco have some great ones at pretty friendly prices.
  • Doorstop – a lot of uni halls have heavy doors which shut automatically,  so a lot of people tend to wedge theirs open so housemates know they’re home. Because of this, door stops are always sold out in university towns for the first few weeks of term, so stock up on yours before you go! This is a good heavy duty one.
  • First aid kit – this is pretty important, for obvious reasons, but also keep in mind that you will get Freshers’ Flu, and you’ll need all the cold remedies you can find. This is the first aid kit I have, here, Check out my tips for keeping yourself healthy here.
  • Hangers. Get a bulk pack, you’ll need them, but try and get them closer to your halls rather than bringing some from home. They’re bulky!
  • Hot water bottle/electric blanket – personally, I feel the cold a lot, and university housing is notorious for having pretty awful heating, so stock up on something to keep you warm.
  • Laundry bag/basket. I had a couple of these, which would then double-up as storage for moving, too.
  • Noticeboard – some university rooms come with these, but make sure to bring pins – they were sold out everywhere for a good few weeks at the start of term near my campus, nobody had remembered them!
  • Room spray – you won’t be allowed candles on campus, and it can get pretty stuffy.
  • Wall calendar – although a lot of universities give this out during freshers’.
  • Waste bin – for those tricky assignments.
  • White tac – the normal blu tac can stain walls, so white tac, here, will protect your precious deposit!
the word kitchen written in gold
I was in self-catered accommodation when I first went to uni, but if you intend on paying for your meals, you obviously won’t need the cooking utensils.
  • Baking trays – you’ll need at least 2, because someone will inevitably steal one/ask you to put some food in for them/throw it out the window. I swear by these silicone ones because they’re super durable and easy to store.
  • Bottle opener – no one else will bring one. Seriously. I’d actually recommend a Wallet Ninja, which has a bottle opener, screwdriver, phone stand, and a bunch of other cool things you won’t realise you need.
  • Dishware – bowls, side plates, dinner plates, glasses and mugs – you probably don’t need a full set of four, depending on how often you plan on having your family visit, but I’d recommend about 2 of each, in case you break one!
  • Cutlery – buy a huge set. I started with 16, and ended up coming home with about 5. Something like this is probably a good idea.
  • Can opener.
  • Colander.
  • Flask – for early morning lectures across campus in the freezing cold. Do it. I still have this one from when I was in uni, it lasted me well!
  • Cake tin – in my experience, having a few treats around to offer people never hurts.
  • Frying pans & saucepans – you don’t need to invest too much in these, but a basic variety like these should see you through, especially if you want to try my cheer me up tacos!
  • Pyrex dish – pretty optional, but I used to make a big pasta bake or casserole on a Sunday, then keep some leftovers for evenings I had late lectures. Plus, if you can bake, brownies are a sure fire way to make your new housemates love you!
  • Spatula
  • Tongs
  • Wooden spoon
  • Knives – when it comes to knives, buy a few good quality ones, instead of a cheap knife block you’ll never use. They’ll fall apart in a hot minute and you’ll be left desperately searching your uni shop to see if they stock them. I’ve had these since university!
  • Chopping board.
  • Pizza cutter – I went without, and found myself saying ‘I wish I had a pizza cutter’ at least five times throughout the first term.
  • Tupperware – get a tonne of these, in various sizes. You’ll use them more than you’ll realise. This set is one of the best options out there.
  • Oven gloves.
  • Tea towels.
  • Food bags & clips.
  • Any dried food you can take with you – in case you don’t get to shop on the first day!
the word bathroom written in gold

I managed to nab an en-suite whilst I was at uni, so this is a pretty extensive list; if you’re sharing, just be aware that you won’t have as much bathroom storage!

  • Towels – two bath & two hand towels, I’d suggest. You might also want old towels for if you bleach/dye your hair.
  • Cosmetics, skincare, bodycare products – these go without saying, I’m sure, but bare in mind if you’re moving to a campus-based university that it won’t always be easy to pick up your favourite products.
  • Razor & blades – do yourself a favour and get these in bulk, you’ll thank yourself later!
  • Shampoo & conditioner.
  • Toothbrush & paste.
  • Shower caddy/bag – if you’re sharing a bathroom, you’ll need something like this to carry your stuff to the shower.
the word studying written in gold
You know, that thing you’re technically at university to do? The campus shops will sell out of stationery pretty quickly at the beginning of term, so it’s best to take the most vital things with you.
  • Academic diary – you won’t be reminded of your deadlines anymore, so you’ll need one of these. I swear by the Dodo Acad-Pad.
  • Folders/binders – keeping the 200 lecture slides you’re printing out a week safe and in one place as you go is going to save you a lot of stress down the line.
  • Highlighters – do yourself a favour and get the printer-safe variety.
  • Post-its – if I could dedicate my degree life to one specific item, it would be the humble post-it. I love them, and am obsessed with them, and they come in a cat-shaped dispenser.
  • Printer & spare inks – I got an all-in-one printer from Amazon (here), because it worked out cheaper than paying 5p per sheet at the campus library – some lecturers expect you to take lecture slides to make notes on, so it’s a worthwhile investment!
  • USB sticks – take a tonne. You’ll lose at least three and have nothing to save your essay on.
  • Superglue – it sounds stupid, but someone will break your stuff/their stuff/fixtures in your apartment and you’ll be glad to have it.
the word 'etc.' written in gold
These are just a few extra bits and pieces that might make life as a Fresher in a new city a little easier – not essential, but worth the extra effort!
  • Copies of your CV – if you’re wanting a little part time work during your first year, it’s so often first come first serve, so getting in there early with your CV could be a good idea!
  • Exam certificates – they’ll probably want these for enrollment, so bring ’em along.
  • Housing contract – this’ll have info about your rent and any deposit you put down.
  • Passport – a lot of people leave this at home, but you’ll probably need it for applications.

a university checklist pdf
If you’d like to download the printer-friendly version of this checklist, you can do so above – hope it helps, and have a blast!

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