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So, it’s been a weird few months. I lost my job just before my 25th birthday, and was unemployed for a while. Things have finally picked up, thankfully. But there is a strange silver lining – having had a ‘bad day’ a little too often, lately, I’ve become pretty good at learning how to turn them around.

Obviously, this is not targeted at anyone with depression who is suffering. I finally found a balance with my happy pills, this year, and am having more ‘regular’ moods, but with the odd bad day. Please go to your GP if you are suffering with symptoms of depression.


Whether you’re at your desk and need a walk, or in a room full of people and need 15 minutes on your own, just get out. I’ve taken to getting off the tube a stop early and walking the rest of the way to work in the morning. Having this time to myself first and last thing really helps me reset. It’s also a great way to spend 10-30 minutes of your lunch break.


If I really can’t get myself out of a funk, I tend to pick up a book or do a little yoga. You’ll be focusing so much on your activity of choice that you won’t have time to let those negative thoughts spiral, or at least won’t get as much attention for a while. Sometimes, that’s all you need to reset. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have a distraction.

3. EAT

If you’re anything like me, you tend to let your own health go out of the window when you’re not feeling 100%. Not eating enough, or eating foods that make you feel sluggish and low-energy doesn’t help. The best way to get past this is sitting down, eating a decent, healthy, meal, and resetting. You can’t run on no energy, and it’s important to try and make sure your body has what it needs to get by.


This, for me, comes in many shapes and forms; if I’ve been stuck at home in my own bad energy for a couple of days, I might force myself to get up, put some make up on, and do some housework. If I’ve been running on auto-pilot because I’m stressed out, I’ll reach out to some friends and arrange a mate date.


You’re having a bad day. You’re not on your a-game, you’re distracted, you’re irritable, or you just don’t feel like it. Just let the people around you know – whether it’s your colleagues, your family, your SO. Chances are, they’ll understand, cut you some slack, or at least just give you some space. And then you won’t be spending two hours the next day wondering whether you offended anyone (just me?).
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